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Energy Psychology

Did you expect more wealth, better relationships or better health?  Would you have preferred a different job and have a better work life balance? If you had a choice would you be where you are today? Your life today, was your choice yesterday. Your life tomorrow is your choice today. Negative thoughts and perceptions results in negative energy that creates barriers stopping you from achieving your goals. Transform that energy and the action you take is guaranteed to give you the results you are. More wealth, better relationships, better health. Whatever your goal, your life will change.

Photo Therapy

Can you be objective looking at your own portrait? Can you see yourself as a person or do you see flaws: a fat face, bad hair or bad teeth?

As a photographer I am often amazed on how people can't look past their insecurities.

Using portrait photography I let you see your inner beauty. I let you discover how unique you are so you can be the person you are meant to be.

Products for Health

On my journey to discover health I have come across some amazing products that I feel passionate about.

Looking after yourself is about health. Positive thinking and positive energy are integral to a healthy and successful life. Improving or maintaining your health also means supporting your body with the best products for what it is that you want to achieve.

Below are links two two companies that I feel strongly about:

Support your body and stay young 

Eliminate inflammation and improve the health of your body.

Training and Education

Whatever I do, I do with passion.

My mission is to empower people, to create confidence and a positive attitude towards everything that one does. I do this both part time through The Wellnesscrusaders and by training and education people in the corporate environment.

Standing in front of people and sharing my passion and knowledge is what I love doing.

I am available for talks and seminars sharing and education about anything on this website.

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